Unlocking the Potential of Vaccines

Intradermal delivery can enhance the efficacy of various vaccine platforms through efficient targeting of the immune system.

Benefits of Our Devices

Improved Immune Response
Skin is an immune rich environment
Dose Sparing
Non-inferior immune responses with up to 1/10th fractional doses
Improved Patient Compliance and Experience
Microneedles reduce needle-anxiety and pain perception
Complete Dose Delivery
Near 100% of the dose is delivered to the intended depth
Simple to use devices
Multiple human factors studies have found our devices easy and intuitive to use
High Payload Capability
Our devices can deliver any volume/viscosity formulation
Low-cost, Highly Scalable Device


The skin is an ideal site for vaccination due to the high density of resident Antigen Presenting Cells (e.g., Dendritic Cells) and proximity to the lymphatic network.

Antigen Presenting Cells (eg., Dendritic Cells) are required for the induction of broad and robust immune responses due to:

  • Efficient capture and processing of antigen
  • Motile, can traffic to lymph node (primary site of T-cell priming)
  • Present exogenous and endogenous antigen to both CD4 and CD8+ T-cells
  • Generate both humoral and cellular immunity

Intradermal delivery has demonstrated robust immunogenicity across a range of vaccine modalities and applications (prophylactic and therapeutic):

Other (Vector, LAV, Subunit etc)

Therapeutic Vaccines:

Therapeutic vaccination is a promising strategy for the treatment of various chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, auto-immune disorders and cancer. These therapies often require frequent injections in order to maintain robust, therapeutic levels of humoral and/or cellular immunity. Intradermal delivery combines the potential for improved therapeutic efficacy, with an enhanced patient administration experience through microneedles. The latter is especially important in improving adherence to chronic therapies.

Our Devices Offer:
  • Larger, single doses may reduce injection frequency and improve efficacy
  • Enhanced patient comfort and compliance through the use of microneedles
  • Improved patient convenience with our self-injection devices
  • Reduced burden on the health-care system
Prophylactic Vaccines:

Prophylactic vaccination remains the most effective strategy in preventing illness from infectious diseases.

Intradermal delivery has demonstrated rapid onset of robust, protective immunity against various diseases (eg., SARS-CoV-2, mPox, BCG, HPv) at equivalent or fractional doses. Additionally, the Intradermal injection of various vaccines has demonstrated superior immunity in the elderly, compared to other routes of administration.

Our Devices Offer:
  • Potential for enhanced immune response
  • Potential for dose-sparing
  • Potential for reduced systemic side effects, whilst maintaining efficacy
  • Pandemic response strategy
  • Reduced cost per dose for expensive and/or multivalent vaccines
  • Improved vaccine access in low income economies

In addition to our hollow microneedle solutions, solid-coated microarray patches represent an attractive solution for prophylactic vaccination.

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