Pharma Latch offers a range of intradermal injection devices based on a core platform technology

Our core technology utilises an array of opposing angled microneedles that latch into the skin at a preset depth, ensuring robust skin attachment and consistent needle-depth penetration.

The advantages of our platform include:

Secure skin attachment
Low-cost, highly scalable
Significant volume/ viscosity capabilities (≤ 2 mL, 60 cP)
Simple and easy to use
Complete dose delivery
A platform solution to suit a range of applications
Low injection pressures, eliminating spray back

Pharma Latch Product Migration Pathway

Pharma Latch is unique in that we are a true platform technology. Our Pharma Latch Hollow and Self-injector device, contain the exact same microneedle array and insertion mechanism, allowing for seamless product transition.

We have also developed a solid-coated Micro-array Patch (MAP) that utilises the same Latch technology.

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