Coated microneedles are solid microneedle arrays with dry-form compound coatings on them. These dissolve and release their payloads intradermally once exposed to the moisture content of skin. A variety of coated microneedle solutions have been developed over the years. However, many struggle in a number of key areas including:

Poor needle penetration leading to inconsistent dosing
Very low payload capabilities
Difficulty penetrating the stratum corneum requiring applicators
Inability to self-retain in the skin removing the ability for sustained release
Difficult to use

With our unique method of action, and proprietary manufacturing approach, Pharma Latch coated has:

Consistent dosing from near full-length needle penetration and exposure
Unique geometry and coating facilitating high payloads
Mechanism of action easily penetrating the stratum corneum without needing applicators
Interlocking needles facilitating self-retention in the skin allowing sustained release
Simple ‘click on, click off’ mechanism
Unique manufacturing approach facilitating very low cost and high volume

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