The Opportunity

The promise of intradermal delivery is immense and includes:

  • Enhanced immune response
  • Dose-sparing
  • Improved patient compliance
  • Faster onset of action

A variety of approaches to intradermal delivery exist, however, they have all struggled to realise the intradermal promise. Key reasons for this include:

  • Complex and difficult injection techniques & devices
  • Inconsistent needle penetration to exact depths, leading to doses being delivered to the incorrect compartment (i.e., not intradermally)
  • Incomplete dose-delivery, i.e., spray back/leakage from injection site
  • Restricted volumes and viscosities, limiting clinical application
  • Regulatory concerns (due to aforementioned issues)
  • Complex regulatory pathways (medical device vs combination product).
    • The Pharma Latch Hollow is a medical device, (FDA 510 (k) pathway) and is suitable for use with any formulation

Pharma Latch overcomes the user-dependency and subsequent variability associated with traditional intradermal injection techniques (and devices). The Latch Platform manipulates the biomechanics of the skin in order to achieve simple, consistent needle-insertion and dose-delivery, every time.

The Problem & Pharma Latch Solution

Fundamentally, we believe that there are two major barriers that have limited the adoption of intradermal as a route of administration.

  1. Usability
  2. Injectability


Using traditional methods (and some devices), the approach angle and resulting extent of needle-insertion are user-dependent, leading to administration difficulty and high variability.

With Pharma Latch, the angle of needle-insertion and resulting insertion depth are fixed, and a function of the devices themselves, not the user.

This ensures simple, consistent, needle-depth penetration and injection confidence.

Pharma Latch Injectability

Standard injection techniques (and some devices) compress and deform the skin.

As a result, the difficulty of achieving a consistent needle insertion depth is compounded, as the underlying skin layers are deformed.

Additionally, high-injection pressures are observed, limiting volume and viscosity capabilities and leading to dose spray-back and leakage.

Pharma Latch avoids skin compression and deformation.

As a result, we can achieve consistent needle-insertion depth and complete dose-delivery of any liquid formulation to the correct depth, every time.

How The Latch Platform Functions

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