Imagine if high volume and viscosity biologics could be self- injected with increased confidence and reduced patient anxiety.

Chronic disease management is undergoing a paradigm shift towards self-management. Needle-anxiety, frequent injections, and device complexity can lead to poor compliance and sub-optimal therapeutic benefit indicating an unmet need for innovative injection systems.

Our range of self-injectors can adapt to meet your delivery needs

Benefits of our devices

Significant volume and viscosity capabilities (≤2 mL, up to 60 cP)
Faster injection times/ reduced hold times
Low-cost, highly scalable
Improved Patient Compliance and Experience
Microneedles reduce needle-anxiety and pain perception
Complete Dose Delivery
Near 100% of the dose is delivered to the intended depth
Various embodiments for different patient populations
Simple to use devices improve injection confidence

Emerging evidence indicates a potential therapeutic benefit to the intradermal delivery of biologics: 

  • Increased bioavailability (vs subcutaneous injection)
  • Faster absorption
  • Increased Cmax
  • Enhanced efficacy due to efficient lymphatic trafficking
  • Reduced systemic A/E’s
  • Improved anti-tumour activity

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